On January 10, 2020, Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, the former bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Detroit, issued a call to Catholics to end their complicity in war.  Following disclosure of information regarding the US government’s efforts to mislead and misinform people about the involvement of the US in the war in Afghanistan, Gumbleton asserted that the War on Terrorism has fallen short of the church’s Just War requirements.  Just War theory is a doctrine of military theory and ethics that is often quoted and consulted when politicians and heads of state attempt to justify waging war.

The activist bishop called on Catholics in the military, including chaplains, as well as those who work for the military, to set aside the futility of war.  He urged Catholics to avoid paying taxes for war and weapons.

The issue arose when sabre rattling between the US and Iran resulted in the assassination of the highest ranking military leader in the Iranian military.  Iran retaliated with air strikes at a US military base injuring dozens of US soldiers.  Bishop Gumbleton is a beacon of hope in a church that has a laser-like focus on prohibiting abortion but looks aside when it comes to murder and destruction in war.  Catholics and all US citizens should refuse to kill and refuse cooperation with US wars.